Saturday, July 02, 2011

ISPs not using the banks in alphabetical order in their billing service

Some internet providers in India do not make proper use of combo box. R U confused about what I'm trying to say, please wait

In their billing service they have most of the major banks listed but not in alphabetical order so what happens, When I try to see HDFC or any other bank in a birds view I am not able to find it. I hope this is what most of the normal users will do and think that their banks are not listed by their Internet Providers and they look for other means to pay their bills. 

But the question is: Is their banks really not listed? a big NO is the answer. In the combo box (drop down where you select your bank) check the list fully and you may find your bank and in my case I found HDFC bank after Union Bank. Did you know that I wasted around 6 hours to pay my bills online today

All the chaos is simply due to a single order by statement while designing the page. what the hell?