Saturday, August 07, 2010

Use ADrive as your unlimited online Storage

ADriveImage representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase
Has any one ever heard of the free online storage service names They provide the second largest amount of free storage of 50 GB of online space with 2GB per file sizeMediafire actually provides unlimited space but provides only 200 MiB per file size. But by tweaking ADrive with GMail you can actually get unlimited online storage space.

Most of you would already know this method: Just use the Gmail Aliases to create different ADrive account. Do you also know that the total number of alias that your Gmail account has? Actually it comes close to INFINITE. 

But this method has its own drawbacks and to mention a few apart from some drawbacks of ADrive:
  • You have to manage the files stored. You need to keep a seperate file somewhere stating in which ADrive account you have the required file.
  • ADrive also does not hold good when it comes to storing HQ movies. Because you might need to split and join the movies.
But if you are a movie freak who works mostly in Linux or BSD based system and downloads a huge amount of movies this system of ADrive and Gmail holds fine. I used to save my other media files which I share in Media fire and my docs and other files in Mozy/Dropbox.

I'm actually expecting to see a service which provides unlimited storage space with unlimited file size to upload with good desktop client. And everything FREE

How do you keep your copy of files especially movies online. Have your say in comments...

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